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Jidoka Technologies

Jidoka’s state-of-the-art visual inspection platform  offers an optimal mix of artificial intelligence, machine vision, and industrial automation for seamless quality checks in manufacturing.

One stop shop for your visual inspection needs...

Cutting-edge technology
Superior execution capability
Unique insight and Approach

Our solution – The Jidoka Prism has two parts to it:


Deep Learning-based Edge AI solution and the decision engine – KOMPASS for Inferencing & Visualization

  • Up to 10,000 Inferences per min, minimum 98% Accuracy

  • Defect inspection using Operational Digital Twin and Deep Learning-based algorithms 

  • Increase manufacturing agility with 100% visual inspection

  • AI-generated analytics to capture community knowledge and process drifts

  • Low code implementation

  • Kickstarts implementation with as less as 30 images

  • Containerised Applications /AI Models for ease of deployment and scalability

  • Vertical solutions for Incoming, In-process(Individual/Mulit-line) and final Inspection leveraging..

Working with Laptop
Machine in Factory


Machine Vision + Automation for Data Collection

  • ​High speed, Industrial Automation & Integration Ready

  • Standard Design platforms – Huron, Tigris, Miyake

  • Upgrade existing solutions – Reclaim your assets including Robots & Cobots, digitize them with AI

  • Integrate with existing industrial automation – Seamlessly transition processes with minimal interruption

  • Special purpose machines – Choose the solution that best fits your product and people requirement

Our Products


  • Kompass is a deeplearning-based defect detection software that marries real-time decision making to state-of-the-art AI to create an end-to-end system for visual defect system.

  • Kompass processes all images parallelly, creates a operational digital twin – an elaborate 3D model of your product, maps it to the extensive data model to make real-time decisions on visual defects while sharing insights and quality reports instantly

  • Kompass can be configured to work for your specifc use case such as Incoming,In-Process(Individual/Mulit-line and Final Inspection.

  • Provides traceablity to upstream /downstream operations

  • Containerised Application/Model to scale on edge/cloud

  • Kompass paired with any of our hardware architecture models can be used for dimensional measurements, sorting, and inventory for a range of products, across various industries. It supports Object Detection, Anomoly, and Classification models

It can:

  • increase throughput (UPTO 33%)

  • increase defect accuracy (at least 98%)

  • Increase speed of inspection (by at least 20%)

  • reduce excess wastage (by over 30%)

  • Reduce fatigue, stress in QC team (efficiency up 10-20%)

  • reduce visual inspection resources (5-10%)

  • reduce HR costs (up to 5%)

  • It provides insights into manufacturing anomalies

  • Allows you to upskill the SME by shifting their focus from mundane quality checks to a continuous recalibration of defects


  • A revolutionary solution designed to detect anomalies in complex products that need in-depth inspection.

  • Whether it be Automobile machine parts, Pharma products, Electronic circuit boards, or generic machine tools, Huron can detect defects and anomalies in your products with a speed of 250 parts per minute – and an accuracy rate of at least 98%​

  • It consists of an integrated unit with machine vision and automation to ensure you get the most complete image of the defined defect.​

  • This unit is customised to your product type, complexity in shape, size and nature of defects, production volume, and fits in seamlessly on the production line – In process as well as end of line.​

  • You can even integrate the Huron to another process machine.

How it works:
  • The Huron uses multiple cameras to scan all visible aspects of your product.

  • Creates a digital twin – an elaborate 3D model of the product.

  • Leverages imaging algorithms to get maximum clarity.

  • It then maps the 3D twin to the artificial intelligence  model created to make the decision.

  • The Huron can review a wide range of parts weighing between 10 grams and 300 grams. And works at a speed of up to 4 parts a second, that is up to 250 complex parts in just a minute with an accuracy of 98%!

What do you get?
  • 100% visual inspection plus faster processes that lead to increased manufacturing

  • Higher accuracy which means reduction in returns and a rise in customer satisfaction

  • Productivity increase and more revenue


  • A state-of-the-art automated cognitive quality control solution, that is designed specifically for the inspection of flat, lightweight parts.

  • Tigris’ custom-made architecture consists of a twin linear conveyor system, packed with cameras, lights, and PC. The conveyor model enables the flipping of parts, allowing both surfaces, top and bottom of a product to be analysed.​​

  • The unit uses multiple cameras to capture high definition images of the product on the belt and maps them to an exhaustive list of defects that we create with the help of your SME. This is done with the help of – Kompass – our patented AI based visual inspection platform.

  • Tigris is a scalable , modular architecture that is easy to adopt; for it fits in seamlessly into your production sequence – in process or end of line.

  • Combining the power of artificial intelligence with automation, Tigris can detect upto 120 products in a minute – with an accuracy rate of atleast 98%

  • In other words Tigris is your SME’s intelligence, reproduced at scale, at speed so that you can achieve the highest defect accuracy rate ever


  • A cost effective visual inspection automation for a more streamlined and faster quality check process.
    Miyake allows for an object to be individually reviewed, through manual loading and unloading of parts. 
    The multiple camera set-up with a product frame tray can hold, and inspect, multiple part units – providing a decision on each individual part for the operator to act on. 


The counting or inspection of parts is fully automated through machine vision. Our proprietary artificial intelligence based defect detection and analytics software, Kompass, gives accurate results despite manual intervention of loading and operations. 

Miyake is most suitable for selective checking with sufficient cycle time for inspection. It cuts short tedious procedures undertaken by quality managers, reducing employee fatigue, and increases defect detection accuracy.

Product range in a nutshell

Our experts will review your product range, the defects that need to be identified, the production quanities and the complexity of parts to build the best hardware solution for your business.

What is it
What does it include
What can it do
What can it do


A full function AI enabled defect detection system

An integrated unit with machine vision, automation, and monitor
Fits seamlessly on the production line - In process as well as end of line(final process)

This uses multiple cameras to see all the sides of the product without flipping the product.

Best suited for product that are complex and needs all aspects to be viewed and evaluated.
Suitable for any kind of cylindrical products that have multiple regions (like inner diameter, outer diameter, across the height, across top & bottom faces) to be reviewed.
Suited for high throughput, wide range of parts weighing between 10 grams to 300 grams.

Can detect up to 600 parts per minute with an accuracy rate of a minimum of 98% 


Twin linear conveyor system with part flipping.

An integrated unit with machine vision, automation, and monitor
Fits seamlessly on the production line - In process as well as end of line(final process)

This uses multiple cameras to see all the sides of the product by flipping the product on a belt

Suitable for typically flat, light-weight parts

Can detect upto 120 parts per minute with an accuracy rate of a minimum of 98%


A manual load and unload system that allows for a human to place the object individually for review.

A multiple camera setup with a product frame tray that can hold multiple part units. the decision will be given for each part

Cost effective Visual inspection system- Manual operation- No automation

This is suitable for instances of selective checking and when there is sufficient cycle time for inspection.
those who want to use the Jidoka solution without investing in the hardware

Handle more variety, provide decision for Operator to act on

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